Lost Planet 2 screens, details and more

Sequels are kind of Capcom’s thing, no? In the past year, we’ve seen Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, Commando 3, Mega Man 9, plus the recently announced Dead Rising 2. No surprise then that Lost Planet 2 is also on the way, recently announced on Xbox Marketplace with a full trailer and brief interview with Jun Takeuchi, producer of Lost Planet 2.

Above: Palm trees… in Lost Planet?

Today, we can announce a pretty hefty barrage of Lost Planet 2 information, coming first from our friends at Official Xbox Magazine (US and UK), in the form of hands-on cover stories:

Above: OXM US, on sale April 7. Subscribers get it next week.
OXM UK, meanwhile,hits stands on April 9.

Also on April 7, you can check back on GamesRadar for interviews with both Takeuchi-san and Lost Planet 2’s director, Kenji Oguro, plus our own appraisal of the game’s four-player co-op, the new environments and a certain six-legged creature seen stomping around thetrailer.

Above: The akrid are still around, and still filled with precious thermal energy.

For more on the first Lost Planet (in case you missed it), check out:

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Mar 20, 2009

Brett Elston

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