Lost Labyrinth in new Sonic 4 trailer is no longer 'worst level ever'

The Lost Labyrinth level in Sonic 4 was a shocker. It wasn't that it was bad...it's that it was so bad, weran an article on itin the hope that Sega would listen and either fix it, or remove it. Thankfully, if the latest trailer is anything to go by, they've pretty much doneboth.

The new trailer, released today, shows Sonic enjoying a much more palatable minecart ride. Minecart levels rock, that's a fact. We're so glad the new Sonic game has stopped looking like it's going to buck that trend.

Pretty neat, huh? I like the way Sonic's holding a torch like Indiana Jones. And those close encounters with massive spherical boulders like Indiana Jones. And the way he grabs gulps of air from big bubbles like... well, like he used to in the old Sonic games, actually.

Speaking of which, the water slides are a throwback to the very first Sonic game. Sonic 4 is piling on the nostalgia factor and edging ever closer to its release on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, iPhone and WiiWare.

03 Sep, 2010

Justin Towell

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