Lost Girl 3.03 Confaegion REVIEW

TV REVIEW Teen wolf too…

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Lost Girl 3.03 “Confaegion” TV REVIEW

Episode 3.03
Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Paolo Barzman

THE ONE WHERE Vex, with the help of the Morrigan, unwittingly infects Bo, Dyson and Tamsin with a parasite that makes them act like careless teenagers. It also makes them human, so they can't fight off attackers and are in great danger.

VERDICT Occasionally on Lost Girl there's an episode which is laugh-out-loud funny at the time, but a little forgettable once the credits have rolled. This was in danger of being one of those episodes – after all, as fun as it is to see Bo, Dyson and Tamsin acting like the teens from Clueless , you can't call it anything but lightweight. However, there's one scene that elevates it to cult status: Dyson, shirtless and shameless, dancing to Duran Duran's “Hungry Like The Wolf” on Bo's bed, while she and Tamsin kneel at his feet, enraptured.

This could the be best scene of the entire series so far. If it isn't, we can't wait to find out what beats it.

Duran Duran-jigging aside, it is fun watching Bo act like a goofy teen, particularly during a scene in which Lauren's trying to examine her and she keeps winding her up. It was also an excellent idea to have her and Tamsin confide in each other, giggly BFF-style, with Tamsin revealing that she's a Valkyrie (no explanation for what that is yet) and that she can't get close to people for some terrible reason, as yet unknown. Is that why she's such a meanie to everybody she meets? This could be interesting. It also gives Tamsin another dimension, a nice touch so early on. If she'd just dragged on being a bitch for half a season it may have been too late for us to like her at a later date.

LOVE TRIANGLE LATEST Lauren and Bo are still all over each other, but while under the influence of the parasite, Bo starts flirting shamelessly with Dyson. She also forgets that she and Lauren are together, asking: “Wow, you're really hot. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

KISS COUNT Bo kisses Lauren and also puckers up for Tamsin while playing spin the bottle. Twice.

BFF VERSUS MAIN SQUEEZE Kenzi admits that she doesn't like Lauren and the two women have a bit of a barney about it. Kenzi's reasoning is that she doesn't think Lauren is good enough for Bo, although my suspicion is that she wants Bo and Dyson together, and sees Lauren as someone who's stealing their happiness. Which is perfectly understandable, of course. Anyway, they come to a truce by episode's end.

VEXING ISSUES Vex is a duplicitous bastard in this, betraying Bo and Kenzi to the Morrigan and nearly getting them killed. He redeems himself at the end by saving Kenzi's life, but we're left with a tiny smidgeon of doubt – did he mean to save her, or did the pig-man who was holding her just move at the wrong moment, as Vex explains? Hmmm. Anyway, he's off to find himself now, so we won't see him for a bit. Shame, as he was sharing the title of “person with all the best lines” with Kenzi.

MADE UP Vex and Kenzi have an absolutely lovely bonding session over, of all things, how to apply mascara. “Are you gonna teach me the double-pump smudge-proof technique or not?” asks Kenzi.

WHO’S THE BOSS? Hale really gets to strut his stuff as the new Ash this week, firstly sending Bo on a mission (and how strange, seeing her take orders from Dyson's former partner!) and then tearing a strip off the Morrigan for almost upsetting his peace process. It's the first time we've actually seen him filling the role perfectly – and now we know you really shouldn't cross him...

OCH AYE Once Dyson has reverted to a teenager he starts talking with a Scottish accent, just as he did at that age. Nice continuity there.

SHE'S GOT THE MOVES! Kenzi steals the opening scenes of this episode by sliding along a muddy track, ending up between the legs of a bad guy Bo's grappling with, and kicking him in the 'nads. Dare you not to cheer!

SMILEY WOLF Check out Dyson actually beaming with happiness! This doesn't happen often...

DÉCOR We can't figure out if this thing the Morrigan is sitting on is a bed, a sun lounger or a sofa. She looks good on it though. (Then again, the Morrigan would look good sitting on a pile of trash. She's Emmanuelle Vaugier, after all.)

Bo: “Remind me to book you on Dancing With The Fae .”
Kenzi: “Is that a thing?”


Kenzi (after killing a pig-man): “That'll do, pig. That'll do.”

Jayne Nelson

Lost Girl season three will air in the UK on Syfy later in the year

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