Lost: first game details

Lost the videogame will cast you as "a survivor" of Oceanic Flight 815, awash on the mysterious island, with a simplegoal: "Confront your dark past, seek your redemption, and ultimately find a way home."

We've seen the first gameplay footage and you can get it yourself right here tonight at midnight (PDT). To us, Lost looks like a third-person explore-'em-up with plenty of running. We were immediately reminded of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune by the lush jungle surroundings.

There's no confirmation on who you'll play, but we're guessing that it's Jack - he's the leader of the survivors, a go-get-'em type of guy, perfectly suited to an all-action videogame hero. Whoever you play, though, you'll be exploring familiar locations on the island, unraveling the show's mysteries (and hopefully some new ones) and shooting the breeze with the other lead characters, like Sawyer and Locke.

Ubisoft's official statement promises us that Lost the videogame will "allow players to experience an untold adventure of Lost in an immersive, interactive world." While the producers of the TV show seem impressed by the "amazing" visuals and "imaginative" narrative crafted by Ubisoft's designers.

Want more? Okay, how about this: Part of the game will force you to face up to the eerie, clicking smoke monster. Will the Lost videogame unveil some of the Lost TV show's secrets? Here's hoping we'll have a great time finding out.

Don't forget to come back here tonight at midnight (PDT), for the first gameplay trailer from the Lost videogame.

July 26, 2007