Lose yourself in Lovecraftian adventure Call of The Sea with this entrancing extended trailer

(Image credit: Raw Fury)

Today’s Future Games Show (opens in new tab) offered an eye-catching new look at Raw Fury’s HP Lovecraft Inspired puzzle adventure - Call Of The Sea. While we caught a brief glimpse of the Xbox Series X title (and learned it's broad story beats) during the first Future Games Show (opens in new tab), the latest trailer offers an extended look at Call of the Sea’s lucious locales. 

Game Director Tatiana Delgado reveals that players can expect to dive into underwater ruins, uncover ancient cities buried in the jungle, and visit what look to be a surprisingly vibrant and varied array of fantastical environments.

Offering a decidedly different take on the fairly well-worn Lovecraftian genre, this first-person adventure promises to be refreshingly lighthearted. To many, the works of HP Lovecraft conjure up images of unspeakable horror, yet with Call Of The Sea, developer Out Of The Blue states it wanted to focus on the colourful and surreal, eschewing the source material’s usual focus on the grim and macabre.

In case you missed the original reveal, let’s get you caught up on the game’s premise. Set in the 1930s, Call Of The Sea takes place on a forgotten island in the North Pacific. With her husband having mysteriously vanished during an expedition to said island, players are put in the shoes of Norah, who seeks to track down her better-half, and discover what happened to him and his crew members.

Call of the Sea launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC at the end of the year.

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