Lord of the Rings Online revelation brewing...

Something big is happening to Lord of the Rings Online next month.

What's described as a major announcement relating to the MMO is set to happen at Codemasters' Connect 2008 online game event in the UK this March.

We understand Turbine will be flying in to do the deed. That's how big it is.

We've contacted Codemasters for more info, but all it would say is that it will be a "MAJOR" - the company's caps, not ours - announcement. But it's hardly likely to say it's a 'pretty big deal' is it? That wouldn't get us all excited.

We're speculating that it'll either be the first paid-for expansion pack, or maybe that Turbine's developing a console iteration. But the former seems far more likely.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 19, 2008