Looks like fake Elden Ring DLC leaks are going around

Elden Ring colosseum locations
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

New Elden Ring DLC leaks circulating online suggest a reveal at the Taipei Game Show next month, but they're probably bull crap.

The leaks, which seem to have originated from 4chan, appear to show new Elden Ring content including a new area and a new axe, but the images look less and less authentic with each passing glance. As pointed out by two fairly prominent Elden Ring fan accounts on Twitter, the leaks seem to have been fabricated using a combination of out-of-bounds locations on the map, cut content, and mods.

"Don't be fooled by the new Elden Ring DLC leaks going around. While I can't prove it's fake, pic1 & 2 is Rico's armor," said Elden Ring dataminer Sekiro Dubi, referring to an NPC that was cut from the game before release. "That's an out of bounds area at the edge of map collision. The axe one? no idea about the wp, but the far away lands is part of today's map."

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Of course, there's always a small chance these incredibly dodgy looking "leaks" are actually authentic, but it's about as much of a chance as I have at beating Malenia with my hands tied. And for context, I have yet to beat Malenia with my hands untied.

All that said, Elden Ring studio From Software has confirmed its upcoming appearance at the Taipei Game Show, but only to show off Armored Core 6. There's no indication that an Elden Ring update will be included in the studio's presentation, and given that they're apparently scaling back their presence at the show, more Elden Ring info seems unlikely.

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