LocoRoco PS3: First shots

Aug 31 2007

LocoRoco, everyone's favourite PSP game, will treat PS3 owners to its unique brand of bright and cheerful puzzling with LocoRoco Cocoreccho. Cocoreccho will hit the PlayStation Network as an "interactive screensaver", according to Sony.

Cocoreccho uses the Sixaxis controller to influence LocoRoco's tipsy-turvy world, boosting the collect-'em-all challenge by bringing 200 LocoRocos into action at once. As you can see from the first screens, this givesthe game a chaotic, boisterous boost.

Early info from Sony suggests a single level to explore, but promises three mini-games that will pop up as you progress. We'll also be able to upload a score ranking on PSN, or complete the Time Attack mode and post our best records.

Hungry Moja make a return, threatening your babble of chattering LocoRocos, while BonMucha, a huge Moja boss, waits in the wings.

There's no word on an exact release date, but we expect this mini-instalment of the LocoRoco series to reach our hands very shortly.

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