LittleBigPlanet 2's Controlinator could be the best platforming invention since some sort of sliced food

Since the day one caveman ordered another caveman to fetch him a saber tooth tiger club sandwich, man has always been searching for control. And several thousands of years later, LBP 2 is doing everything to give us more of it. Namely, through a wee device called the Controlinator, which allows you to create gadgets for Sackboy and assign specific controls for your whacky contraptions...

That, my friends, is what they called innovation.

Even though Sony's ingenious platformer has been delayed until next year, the Controlinator is just one of the many reasons it will no doubt be one of the most creative games the PS3 will ever see, making the wait through those festive, Sackboy-free nights all the more bearable.

Nov 25, 2010