Little Witch in the Woods is a slightly spooky Stardew Valley, and it’s flying up the Steam charts

Little Witch in the Woods Ellie standing outside of a spooky cottage
(Image credit: Sunny Side Up)

New cozy sim Little Witch in the Woods will let you live out your best spooky life and is now available to play on PC and Xbox Game Pass. 

Similar to a pixel-art version of Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service, Little Witch in the Woods sees players take on the role of apprentice witch Ellie as she completes her training by helping out nearby villages, meeting other witches, and just generally living a peaceful life in a mystical and quiet town. 

We’d definitely recommend this game if you’re already a fan of the likes of Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, or other cozy games as Little Witch in the Woods has a similar vibe, art style, and gameplay to to those wholesome offerings. During your playthrough, you’ll also get the chance to gather and process materials for potions, explore a mysterious fantasy world full of cute creatures, and find hidden places that contain special items. 

It’s clearly proving to be quite popular as despite releasing only 24 hours ago, Little Witch in the Woods has already sitting comfortably in Steam’s top sellers chart

As Little Witch in the Woods is currently in early access, some elements of the game may change over time. The game’s developer Sunny Side Up has revealed that more content is expected in the future. The Steam page for the game reveals that new features such as building relationships with friends, creating bonds with cats, and even fishing will be coming to the life sim at a later date. 

If this sounds like exactly what you need to play after a long hard day, Little Witch in the Woods is currently 10% off on Steam and available as a game preview on Xbox Game Pass right now. You can also keep up to date with all things Little Witch in the Woods by following its developer on Twitter.

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