Little Black Book review

A fragile-looking Brittany Murphy doesn't act so much as squeak through this chick-flick in rom-com clothing. Screechy and neurotic, her character - - Stacy, an associate producer on a daytime talk-show - - is the kind of girl you'd want to keep secrets from, if only to avoid her eardrum-puncturing bleating.

So it's no surprise that, when her current beau (The Cooler's Ron Livingston) gets a call from an ex-girlfriend, she starts snooping through his Palm Pilot and committing some ridiculously convoluted acts of subterfuge to see if he's keeping any secrets from her. Even Holly Hunter - - as the man-hating colleague who persuades Murphy to hunt down her boyfriend's old flames - - can't act interested in this genre-bending mix of I Love Lucy and Single White Female.

While the last-minute twist thrown in by British director Nick Hurran is intriguing, it completely capsizes what could otherwise be mildly entertaining fodder for the undemanding.

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