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Listmania! 18 games that never were

Oct 17, 07

An anonymous blogger, posting on a rather spartan blogspt page, hasdivulged a list of games that 'you never knew existed unless you worked on them'.

Now, we're not going to be so stupid as to suggest that they are all bona fide, but from a spectator point of view, it's an interesting list. And if we really rack our brains, we're pretty sure at least a few of those titles ring a few bells for us - especially Joust, Dirty Work and Jonny Bloody Mosely's Bloody Mad Trix 2.

Furthermore, from a newshounds point of view, there's no real bombshells in there -but it would interesting ifthe claim that Home started out asThe Getaway Online turned out to be true.

Here's the list in full reproduced from the blog in question. Oh, and if we find out from our contacts that any of this is legit then we'll be sure to update the story.

A.I. [arena fighting game based off the film] (XBOX, ACES Studio/Microsoft)

Alone in the Dark: The Abductions
(PS2, Computer Artworks/Atari)

Amped 4
(XBOX 360/PS3, Indie Built/2K Sports)

Army Men: Air Cavalry
(PS2/GC/XBOX, Check Six Studios/3DO)

Blood Wake 2
(XBOX, Stormfront Studios/Microsoft)

Damage Inc.
[Metallica car combat title] (PC/PS2/GC/XBOX, Climax/VU Games)

[firefighting simulation] (XBOX, ACeS Studio/Microsoft)

Deus Ex 3
(PS2/XBOX/PC, Ion Storm/Eidos)

Dirty Work
[sandbox-style game] (platforms unknown, Ubisoft)

Fight For Your Right
[party game] (platforms unknown, Z-Axis/Activision)

[sci-fi extreme skydiving game] (XBOX, ironWorks/Microsoft)

Freelancer 2
(XBOX 360, Digital Anvil/Microsoft)

The Getaway Online
[eventually became Home] (PS2, Studio London/SCEE)

Ghost World
[spooky-themed action-platformer] (PS2, Luxoflux/Activision)

Jonny Moseley's Mad Trix 2
(PS2/GC, 3DO)

(PS2/GC/XBOX, Midway)

Lemmings Forever
(PS2, PictureHouse/SCEE)

Oni 2
(PS2, Angel Studios/Take-Two)