Link's Awakening remake release date and dungeon maker revealed in new E3 2019 footage

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is getting a Nintendo Switch remake some 26 years after its original Game Boy release, and as we learned during today's Nintendo E3 2019 show, it's scheduled to release on September 20, 2019. We also saw some new Link's Awakening footage which showed off a never-before-seen dungeon maker system. By placing dungeon tiles on a grid, you'll be able to make your own custom dungeon and then explore it for yourself. Just think of the challenge runs and farming methods you could build…

 "Place chambers earned on your adventure to arrange a dungeon," Nintendo explained in the new footage. "Explore them to your heart's content! Conquer Dungeon Chambers to reap the rewards!"  

In addition to the usual items and upgrades, you'll also earn new dungeon chambers as you explore Kolohint Island. It looks like once you obtain a chamber, you'll be able to use in custom dungeons repeatedly. Of course, if there are any unique items or rewards attached to these chambers, such as heart upgrades, you can bet they'll only drop the first time you clear that chamber. Even so, this dungeon maker should add a fair bit of content to the remake. 

The new footage also showed several iconic Link's Awakening bosses and enemies redrawn in the remake's adorable art style. We've got piranhas, bombers, pig warriors, octoroks, and plenty more. The standout bosses are the Hinox, Master Stalfos, and Cue Ball. We also saw minibosses resembling King Moblin and Lanmola appear in custom-made dungeons, so don't expect to effortlessly fly through the dungeon chambers you unlock. 

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Austin Wood

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