Let's unbox a PS4 Slim (because no one's done that yet)

I know, I know: what with all the leaks you've probably seen a few unboxing videos for the PS4 Slim, but we've got one in and I want to take a look. 

Technically this is the new base model PS4 so the 'slim' bit is redundant but it helps to differentiate between this and the older fat model. This new PlayStation 4 will be out September 15 and cost $299 / £259. 

Sony finally revealed the console last week, after numerous leaks, alongside the PS4 Pro, Sony's upgraded PlayStation. If you want to catch up on that then here's the important stuff: 

PS4 Neo is now known as "PS4 Pro," will cost $399, available November 10
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Check out these GIFs comparing PS4 Pro games to the originals 

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