Les Enfants Du Marais review

This ensemble French buddy movie was a huge hit across the Channel. Set in the 1930s in the Loire, its ambling narrative follows a group of friends over one significant summer. Among the characters are a pair of odd-job men, Garris (Gamblin) and his hapless pal Riton (Villeret, from Le Diner De Cons), as well as jazz-loving bibliophile Amedee (Dussollier) and factory owner Pepe (Serrault).

A beautifully shot tribute to the simple joys of camaraderie, Les Enfants Du Marais has dramatic weaknesses aplenty - - the lack of a child's perspective (although it's supposed to be the story of a five-year old), an under-utilised voiceover, the absence of any real tension. Even Cantona's snarling boxing promoter can't provide any inspiration.

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