Len Wiseman still pulling the strings on Underworld: Awakening

Len Wiseman is still the driving force behind the fourth film in the Underworld franchise, according to producer Richard Wright.

Despite heading out to Toronto to prepare for the Total Recall shoot, Wiseman - who directed Underworld and Underworld: Evolution has apparently been on call to solve problems on the Underworld: Awakening movie.

"Len wrote the original story, and there have been a number of occasions over the last six or eight weeks where we've had to rewrite scenes and Len's rewritten all of them, even though he's directing another movie," producer Richard Wright told Shock Till You Drop .

"That guy must never sleep. We'll call him at 11 o'clock at night and say, 'Oh God, we've got this problem, we're shooting tomorrow, what are we going to do?' And seven o'clock in the morning you'll look in your email and there will be the scene. So Len is very, very much part of the process.”

Wright said the online system that shows daily footage is also used by Wiseman to share his thoughts.

“We have a system called Pix, which effectively puts your dailies onto a server and people with passwords can log in and watch them. Invariably the first person to comment on all the dailies we've shot is Len, so he's very, very much the Godfather, not just of the franchise, but of this film as well."