Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan shares hidden dialogue

Breath of the Wild
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A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan has discovered some hidden dialogue in the game that can only be triggered if you complete a Divine Beast before meeting Impa.

Posted to the game’s dedicated subreddit, user u/DanielCharlesworth shared a video of Link in Zora’s Domain where he hears Zelda’s voice in his head. "Link. That Divine Beast was taken over by Ganon 100 years ago," she says before giving Link some words of encouragement, "you must find a way inside in order to free it from Ganon’s malice. I believe in you, Link."

According to the comments of the post, the rest of the scene plays out slightly differently too. The original poster of the video shared that King Dorephan, who can be spotted at the end of the clip, also has a new line of dialogue where he asks what’s happening inside Link’s head, to which Link responds "I heard Zelda speak to me" before the scene continues on as normal. 

Despite being a pretty small discovery considering how big of a game Breath of the Wild is, many fans seemed to also be uncovering the new dialogue for the very first time. The person who originally shared the video also said that this was the first time they’d found it and it was their 6th playthrough which has added up to 700 hours worth of playtime. 

This is just one of many Breath of the Wild secrets that fans of The Legend of Zelda have uncovered recently. It was also previously discovered that Link has a unique animation that had previously gone unnoticed by many others. Not only this but somebody else found that barrels can help Link sneak past enemies without being detected

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