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Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean review

Just enough fantasy to put real life on hold


  • Beautifully rendered
  • Cute little furry pets
  • Playing a serious RPG on the PSP


  • The 5th trip through the same area
  • Unimaginative bestiary
  • Occasional awkward translations

Okay, the PSP may not be exactly synonymous with RPG, but Legend of Heroes III is swimming against the current and giving us hardcore PSP RPGers something to play - for that we applaud it. The adventure begins when our heroes, two happy-go-lucky kids named Forte and Una, their dog Jan and grandfather McBain, leave their tiny village with a magic map in search of magical Resonance Stones, hoping to also become real troubadours along the way. Heroes may get all the fame, but traveling musicians apparently get plenty of action as well, and they live longer.

For quite awhile, you'll be searching out Resonance Stones based on nothing more than the notion that McBain thinks it's a good idea. Between stone hunts, you'll take on extra quests that range from competently entertaining to frustratingly silly. Making sure the desert rats have enough food after rampaging your way through a desert filled with a virtual zoo of newly endangered beasties just isn't compelling.

More Info

GenreRole Playing
DescriptionCute little characters run around and engage in turn-based combat and magical roleplaying stuff - this time with new pets
US censor ratingRating Pending