Left 4 Dead's seven scariest moments

Left 4 Dead is a very scary game. Scary enough to turn four grown men (alright, four videogame journalists) into yelping, squealing hysterical wrecks, even when surrounded by the hubub and spot-lit, brash environment of a games show event. The following report details our experiences at this frontline of fear - videogaming's scariest moments, all of which come from Left 4 Dead.

The zombie ambush

We'veintroduced youto The Director before - the AI overlord that dictates the flow of enemies during Left 4 Dead's four five-part campaigns. It creates endlessly terrifying moments of orchestrated horror. Like this one: bloodied, beaten and pursued by enemies, our party bursts from a city-block building and into an empty street. We know this place!

"The exit is just around the corner! Run, everyone, run for the exit!" we shout, pounding ahead toward safety, hurtling around the corner... and smack into the heart of an oncoming horde of screeching zombies, surrounding us on all sides, clawing us to the ground. This is Left 4 Dead's ultimate brilliance - an unerring ability to create new and unforeseen scares.