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Left 4 Dead VR could be Valve's next game after Half Life: Alyx

Left 4 Dead
(Image credit: Valve)

A potential Left 4 Dead VR game is apparently in the works, according to Valve News Network

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but after information leaked about Half Life: Alyx before it was announced, chances are we might be seeing Left 4 Dead VR become a reality very soon. There's also word that'll be getting some more news about Alyx at the Game Awards 2019. 

An entire decade has passed us by since Valve released the second entry and folks everywhere have been waiting for Left 4 Dead 3 to finally surface. In a recent video from Valve News Network, they discuss lines of code that relate to Left 4 Dead data-mined from Steam VR, speculating that this signals that Valve's apocalyptic multiplayer hit is returning in some shape or form. With that tweet, they seem to be going a step further.

Interest in a third instalment has been circulating for quite some time. Just recently a concept trailer for Left 4 Dead 3 appeared online before Valve confirmed it was in fact a fake. Shortly before that, a series of screenshots surfaced that were allegedly environments from the elusive third game. Turtle Rock Studios - the original developers behind the series - are currently working on Back 4 Blood, which is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead with a whole host of new features. This new title looked set to fill the hole Left 4 Dead left behind it, but with this VR game said to be in the works, it might well bridge that gap.

We don't yet know when we might see any concrete evidence of this VR game or when it might get officially announced, but just knowing it could very well happen is exciting in and of itself. 

In other news, Half Life: Alyx could get a console version as Valve hasn't ruled anything out

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