‘Left 4 Dead comic is canon,’ says Valve. Part 3 of The Sacrifice releases

In case you missed it, Valve has released Part 3 of The Sacrifice. The free graphic novel is a prequel to the last DLC campaign, %26lsquo;The Passing,%26rsquo; and follows the original four survivors as they head South. Each chapter also sheds some light on how Louis, Zoey, Francis, and Bill managed to survive the initial outbreak of zombies before they met up. In this issue, we find out more about our favorite L4D1 character who hates everything, Francis.

Above: If you missed them, you can check out the first three chaptershere

For those of you who are wondering about whether The Sacrifice comic or the game%26rsquo;s story should be considered canon, wonder no more. %26ldquo;The Comic is the official version of events, but Left 4 Dead has always been about organic story telling between you and your friends, so we wanted to not force you into one story line in the game. You get to choose the ending and see how it plays out,%26rdquo; explains Valve%26rsquo;s L4D team on the official Left 4 Dead Blog.

Valve recently announced that The Sacrifice DLC will be releasing on Steam and Xbox LIVE on October 5. You can read all the gory details on what to expect from the new contenthere.

Sep 29, 2010