Left 4 Dead 2 finally gets a full, uncut release in Germany

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Germany has finally released the uncut version of Left 4 Dead 2, over a decade since its original release. 

In a brief update on Steam, developer Valve said it "recently requested that German authorities re-evaluate the game Left 4 Dead 2" after its censor eleven years ago on the grounds that it was too violent. The game was eventually released, but only after it was modified to remove much of the gory violence. 

"We are happy to let you know that as a result the uncut international version of Left 4 Dead 2 is now available to our customers in Germany. Owners of the game in Germany can download this free DLC to update the game if you wish to do so."

Germany was not alone with its decision – Australia also took issue with the game on release. However, Aussie authorities lifted its censorship in 2014 (thanks, PC Gamer). 

Last September, Left 4 Dead 2 received its first major DLC in over eight years. 

Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand is an update created by loyal Left 4 Dead community members, who worked with developer Valve for almost a year to create new DLC. As we previously reported, Valve called The Last Stand an update "created by the community, for the community".

The Last Stand adds more than 20 new survival arenas, four new scavenge arenas, and a campaign mode on The Lighthouse map. There's 30 new achievements, new melee weapons, new and reworked character animations, and previously unused lines of dialogue (I'm personally a fan of "Oh, it's a bitch apocalypse now, bitch!" The update is free for all PC players, and again, it's the first major DLC since 2012. 

Back 4 Blood is the sequel to Left 4 Dead 2 in all but name. As Alex recently wrote,  it's a frenzied, co-op FPS from the very same studio which created that seminal zombie-hunting series, after all. Of course, its identity as a spiritual Left 4 Dead successor is right there in the name, too, that winking numeronym eliminating any doubt about Turtle Rock Studios' true intentions for its first AAA console project since 2015's Evolve.

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