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Larian breaks down Baldur’s Gate 3's vast character creation options and skills

(Image credit: Larian Studios)

Larian has given some insight into Baldur's Gate 3's character creation options at the very beginning of the game, and it all sounds pretty extensive.

Over on the Baldur's Gate 3 Steam store page (opens in new tab), Larian wrote an extensive blog post detailing all the factors that will go into your creating your very own character. Firstly, you'll begin by assigning six total points into various Abilities, including Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.

Next, you'll determine your starting Skills. This dictates which Skills you're going to be overly proficient in throughout Baldur's Gate 3, the likes of which include Acrobatics, Deception, and Stealth.

Then there's your character's appearance, which Larian has really put some extensive work into. There's 16 total races and sub-races in Baldur's Gate 3, with 150 heads to pick from, each of which has been meticulously 3D scanned into the game.

In the early access period for Baldur's Gate 3 however, which launches next week on October 6, there's only eight races available to choose from. These include human, Githyanki, Elf, Drow, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Hafling, and Tiefling, each of which has sub-races such as Asmodeus Tieflings or Seldarine Drows, for example.

There'll be a ton to delve into when Baldur's Gate 3 hits early access next week. Previously, developer Larian has talked up romance options and party mechanics, but there's still a load left to uncover in the final game.

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Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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