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Large review

Before you even consider going to see Large, be forewarned: it's aimed squarely at 14-year-old boys with a love of gross-out comedy, zany behaviour and slapstick. But even that target audience will feel the film misses them, cribbing from other, superior gross-outers and failing to ignite more than a scattering of mild chuckles.

Attempting to transplant the transatlantic antics of There's Something About Mary and American Pie to Birmingham, the script piles on one half-baked caricature after another, then forgets to make them interesting. Even when they were pouring the bodily fluids, Pie and Mary had solid characters at their core. Large simply falls back on gurning and overplaying, while the Midlands setting does little to help. As for the drugged-up dog, which has an inexplicable amount of screen time... We've seen it done better before.

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