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Lady Gaga and Eric Cartman join forces to Rock

Lady Gaga is bringing her guitar-less brand of infectious freak-pop to the Rock Band store next week with a song pack that includes “Just Dance,” Bad Romance,” “Monster,” and a song about poker we assume is a Kenny Rogers cover. The tracks will retail on XBLA and PSN for $1.99/160 MS points individually and $6.99/560 MS points as bundle, presumptuously titled “Lady Gaga Pack 01.”

Above: Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa...

Of far worthier note, Eric Cartman’s immortal rendition of “Poker Face,” used prominently in last October's “Whale Whores” episode, will go on sale at the exact same time! Comedy Central is reportedly re-airing the episode March 16th, but you can go ahead and ruin it for yourself by watching the entireepisode here.

Oh yeah, andHarmonix just announced Rock Band 3on Facebook?!

Mar 9, 2010