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Kojima's "back in the field" again & up to something...

Kojima's exploring again. It doesn't seem as high profile as his previous Sony tech tour (opens in new tab) for his new PS4 game (opens in new tab), but he's definitely out. Poking his nose in other people's mocap and hanging about with BFF Mark Cerny. Look:

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20th anniversary t-shirt, MLB: The Show banner and a PlayStation lanyard? He's got to be checking out Sony in LA again. Here he is with the Cerninator:

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Now, I'm almost certain I've been to that bar which is on the seafront near Santa Monica Pier. That rough location is at least semi confirmed by this shot - those palm trees are totally LA.

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This tweet, from his PA Ayako, show's another view of the mo-cap studio. Note the LittleBigPlanet, God Of War and Gran Turismo 5 posters.

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So what's he up to? Clearly testing mo-cap again, but maybe something more specific this time? His previous tour seemed to be mainly fact finding and research so I wouldn't mind betting that this trip is looking into something more specific. That slightly broken English in the tweet from Ayako clearly means 'Look forward to what's coming next!' so he sounds like he's starting to work on something we may well get play. I bet it's like nothing we've ever seen before...

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