Koei dips into the Warriors well once more

It occured to us that we can't really blame Koei for recycling old material when we very nearly used the same joke ("the gift that keeps on giving") that we made with the announcement of the last Dynasty Warriors game. It's with that forgiving spirit that we bring you news of Warriors Orochi, the forthcoming meeting between characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises.

Orochi promises 77 playable character from both these franchises in addition to a handful of new features that include a "Team Battle System," a "Weapon Fusion" feature, as well as three-person tag teams. The game is schedule for release on September 18 on the 360 and PS2.

PS3 gamers looking for cross-franchise Warriors action will just have to make do with Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM, we suppose.

June 20, 2007