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King of Fighters XI review

The eleventh time's the charm


  • Huge cast of characters
  • Fast
  • fun fighting
  • Lots of beatdown for the buck


  • Uneven graphical presentation
  • Likely lack of local competition
  • Typical KoF final boss from hell

Dec 4, 2007

King of Fighters XI, like most of its older brothers, was originally a 2D arcade fighting game, and has been faithfully ported to the PS2 - with plenty of extras, to boot. The PS2 exclusive features - new characters and endings developed specifically for the conversion - probably won%26rsquo;t be a selling point unless you%26rsquo;re one of the lucky few who have access to the arcade original, but it%26rsquo;s nice to know they%26rsquo;re in there.

From the moment you turn the game on, you%26rsquo;re greeted with a rockin%26rsquo; soundtrack, and the sound effects and character voice-overs pack a similar punch. Graphically, though, things are a bit disappointing. While the backgrounds, menus, character artwork, and various little flourishes look nice, the character sprites themselves - despite having been reworked a bit - still look stuck in the Neo-Geo era. The look of the low-resolution sprites atop higher-resolution backgrounds can actually be so jarring as to be distracting, particularly on nicer displays.

More Info

DescriptionFun 2D fighting for a budget price. Even if it's not the series' best, it's still a good value.
Franchise nameKing of Fighters
UK franchise nameKing of Fighters
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating12+
Alternative namesKoF XI
Release date13 November 2007 (US), 13 November 2007 (UK)