King Kong first look

We like being part of a big, popular games website. It means we get to save time on the show floor by having pleasant PR ladies and gents bump us ahead of everyone else.

After bringing you the yesterday, we managed to scam our way to the front of the queue for Ubisoft's King Kong and we're glad we did - this is going to be awesome.

A big, hairy ape thumping and grappling with two T-Rexes, grabbing hold of their heads and smashing them into massive rocks with the support of Dolby 5.1 surround sound - tell us how this can possibly fail.

It was stunning to watch.

After briefly seeing old Kong knuckle-walk his way around his island for a bit, the movie focused on the characters exploring his habitat from the third-person perspective of one of the explorers.

The party then chanced upon a small dinosaur and, after being attacked, started running around, desperately trying to avoid its jaws, while at the same time throwing spears into its neck.

At one point, as the dinosaur charged - jaws bared and ferociously roaring - towards the screen, the person sitting next to us actually jumped back, such was the impact of this scene via the combination of a massive cinema-sized screen and loud, bass sound.

Having survived this dinosaur the team then stumbled across another massive dinosaur - what appeared to be a T-Rex. They began shooting and this was where King Kong started to resemble a traditional FPS game.

Bullets didn't do any good though and just as they were about to be munched, King Kong made a return for a bit of one-on-one action, relentlessly thumping and smashing the dinosaur.

Then another one joins in - King Kong was taking on two T-Rexes. It was loud and violent, and the sense of scale was truly staggering. A great contrast to some games that manage to make huge monsters look like toys fighting in Lego Land as a result of featureless scenery and a camera viewing from above.

We can't wait to see more of this and pass more details on to you. Everyone who likes videogames and has even the remotest interest in monkeys will love this.

We'll be keeping an eye on this one, so make sure you keep your peepers on

Peter Jackson's King Kong will be released for PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, GBA, DS and PSP this Christmas