Killzone PS3: First in-game screen

Tuesday 10 July 2007
Ahead of tonight's E3 unveiling of Killzone for PS3, we've got the first ever real in-game shot for your eyes to see, right here. But, before you look below, try to forget the glorious majesty of that incredo-footage launched at E3 2005. Even though we've just reminded you of it.

See, this image is a bit... meh. It's in a dreary, somewhat badly textured environment. The Helghast soldier standing at the business end of the player's rifle is nicely lit, and yields plenty of atmosphere and menace. But look closer and the model is slightly jaggy.

So where did this come from? Straight from an E3 feature onUSA Today's website, actually. Word is that the shot comes from a tech demo - that's why there's a little glowing orb lighting up the Helghast. It could also explain the low-definition quality of the shot.

Expectations are terrible things, of course. Even worse when we've been led to believe that Killzone could perhaps even outperform the legendary CGI trailer revealed over two years ago. The truth of the matter is that, on this evidence, Sony's killer app is lacking in killer visual punch.

These are relatively early days though, and it can't be a coincidence that this first image - which will cause so much fuss - is restricted to a dark, simple interior location. Our fingers are crossed that, in the sharp light of Killzone's futuristic outdoorsy action battlegrounds, we'll be far more impressed.

We'll be bustling into a mobile command centre later today for the world's first glimpse of Killzone PS3 in action, which we'll no doubt report back on for your info.

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