Killzone must exceed expectations

Killzone on PS3 will not be shown again "until it's going to exceed people's expectations," Phil Harrison, executive vice president for Sony Europe, has revealed.

"It will be next year before we show it again," Harrison states, although he claims that "some elements already exceed the trailer."

Sony hasn't given Killzone on PS3 an airing since the infamously eye-boggling trailer that was released in 2005 at the E3 games exhibition in Los Angeles, wowing audiences with its retina-stunning visuals and breathlessly exciting future-war action.

Many doubt that Sony could ever replicate such incredible visuals during an actual game experience - the E3 clip was pre-rendered 'target footage' - but Harrison is confident.

In an interview with the first issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, which launches tomorrow, Harrison says that the Killzone team "are working very hard; they know exactly what they have to do and there's no doubt they will achieve it". However, he believes that "there's nothing to be served by something that doesn't satisfy [his] goals for the project."

Our own gameplay sessions with MotorStorm, another game showcased by an incredible trailer at E3 2005, prove that Sony's ambitions are achievable. Despite being drab and disappointing at this year's E3, the latest versions of the dirt-churning racer are gorgeously bright and speedy, coming close to the experience promised by the initial wave of footage.

November 14, 2006

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