Killzone 2 hits the road

Next month's E3 will be a proving ground for many new PS3 titles, but none more so that Killzone 2. And, if our interpretation of Sony's E3 teaser site is correct, developer Guerrilla Games is planning on making the hotly anticpated blastathon a moving target for critics like us.

Peek at the siteand you'll see three marked areas for Sony shows. But there's also a couple snaking, glowing Tron-like things moving through the streets. Hit one of these with your mouse and, voila, it pops up a Killzone image.

Rumors around the internet suggest that Sony is planning a big reveal of Killzone 2's hopefully-staggering action, and the multimedia giant will no doubt want to make it into a memorable event. What's more memorable than being packed aboard a moving videogame demonstration? We'll be booking our tickets for the extravaganza immediately.

June 29, 2007