Kill demons and Nazis on the go when Doom and Wolfenstein 2 come to Nintendo Switch

You didn't think Skyrim was the only big-name Bethesda game coming to Nintendo Switch, did you? Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus were both confirmed as being in development for the home console/handheld hybrid today during a Nintendo Direct presentation, and they're coming sooner than you think.

Doom will arrive this holiday season, while Wolfenstein 2 is scheduled for sometime in 2018. It's pretty encouraging news for anyone hoping to see more mature games on Nintendo's system, and Bethesda is quickly becoming one of the Switch's biggest third-party supporters. While Wolfenstein 2 for Nintendo Switch won't launch alongside its PS4, Xbox One, and PC cousins, the fact that it's coming at all is pretty surprising.

"Following the releases of Skyrim and Doom on Switch this year, we're very excited that Wolfenstein II will be coming to Switch next year," said Pete Hines, VP of PR and marketing at Bethesda. "Combining over the top action, a great story, and all the Nazi ass-kicking you can handle, we think Switch fans are really going to love what the team at Machine Games is making. We think the Switch is a great console and hope to bring other Bethesda titles to the platform going forward."

Sam Prell

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