Kickstarter gaming pillow helps correct posture and reduce back pain during long sessions

Valari gaming cushion Kickstarter
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A Kickstarter campaign to launch a pillow specifically designed for gamers is now live, and it's already passed its £4,000 target. 

The 'Valari', developed by Hilal Kanafani and Nadim Makarem, was designed to allow gamers to play for longer periods of time without getting back aches and promoting better posture. The donut shaped pillow sits on the players' lap and allows them to rest their elbows on it whilst they play, which stops them from leaning forward for long periods of time.

According to the product’s Kickstarter campaign, the idea came to the pair due to Nadim having to frequently use multiple throw cushions and his wife’s nursing pillow to get comfy during long gaming sessions. The Valari also allows users to personalize the cushion’s design with their gamer tag, logo, and choice of colored fabric. 

There’s clearly a gap in the market for a cushion specifically for gaming as the Valari’s Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its target by 300%. The pair aimed to raise £4,000 to get the project off the ground but at time of writing have now reached £53,805 with seven days still left on the campaign. The lowest level of cushion currently costs £40 (approximately $53) to back, and will ship worldwide when it releases.

Unfortunately, we are still a little ways off from getting our hands on our own Valari, as the product’s Kickstarter FAQ reveals, the pillows won’t be shipped until March/April 2022. However, it appears well worth the wait as the cushion isn’t just suitable for gaming. Those who are interested in a Valari will also be pleased to know that it can also be used when reading, using a tablet, playing handheld/mobile games, knitting, and a bunch of other hobbies.

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