Kickbeat announced for Vita, trailer released

At this point in gaming history, kicking people in the face has become old hat. We've kicked so many people in the face that we lost count decades ago, but now Zen Studios has put an interesting twist on the great American pastime. Kickbeat is actually a rhythm game that just so happens to revolve around facekicks.

As you can tell from the video, you get to kick and punch lots of things besides faces as well. We're not sure exactly what Kickbeat will be like, but we're interested to try it out. Zen Studios is certainly a well-regarded developer, but as of now they have limited experience with a title like this. Much of their recent work has revolved around the Zen Pinball series. That said, no developers have any experience with a rhythm-based martial arts game, so they're just as prepared for the task as anyone else.

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