You'll be infiltrating a D&D movie location in Keys From the Golden Vault

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Along with a visit to a key movie location, some surprising details have dropped ahead of the launch for new D&D book Keys From the Golden Vault - namely, your quest briefings are going to be worthy of Mission Impossible.

In a trailer (opens in new tab) for Keys From the Golden Vault, it was revealed that players would be visiting Revel's End prison created for the upcoming D&D movie in an adventure called Prisoner 13. The party has to infiltrate the complex and retrieve a key from the titular prisoner 13, a dwarven crime boss, that will lead to an ancient treasure. You can actually check the mission out right now in a free one-shot adventure available from the official site.

According to book co-lead and senior D&D game designer Amanda Hamon in a press release, 'Keys From the Golden Vault' (which will hit shelves on February 21 in the USA and March 24 in the UK/EMEA) is also quite a literal title. Although we already knew that the Golden Vault is the group sending you on your adventures, its missions are apparently unlocked with magical keys like the one mentioned above. These are "inserted into what looks like a mundane music box. Instead of a pretty tune, though, the music box then provides a recording with all the information needed for the adventurers to hunt a particular item of interest."

The party won't be handed a battle-plan along with this lowdown as per many Dungeons and Dragons books, however - characters must do their own research. 

"It’s up to the adventurers to do the reconnaissance necessary to circumvent any defenses and pull off a legendary heist," Hamon says. "Teamwork is paramount, because as so often happens in these capers, something will go wrong, and creative thinking could save the day!"

Unfortunately, this is more likely than not. As mentioned by D&D story architect and co-lead Chris Perkins, you'll have to be ready to adapt along the way.

"Each adventure includes two full-page maps: one that players can use to plan their heist, and another the Dungeon Master uses to run the adventure," he says. "The players’ map, however, is often unreliable or incomplete."

Our knowledge of the Golden Vault is equally lacking. While the press release notes that it is "rumored to be associated with metallic dragons and based on one of the good-aligned Outer Planes" with a motto of "do good, no matter the cost," we don't know much more than that. Judging by the shady way the organization hands out its heists, they prefer it that way.

You can currently pre-order Keys From the Golden Vault for slightly less than normal - it's $41.45 at Amazon (opens in new tab) instead of almost $50. If you pre-order the physical and digital bundles from the official D&D Store (opens in new tab), though, you'll be able to play early and download a digital version of the book from February 7.

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