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Katy Perry’s Electric music video is a Pokemon-themed time travelling adventure

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Katy Perry’s Pokemon-themed “Electric” music video has released, and it’s a wild ride.

The music video for Katy Perry’s new Pokemon-inspired song Electric had just premiered on YouTube, and yes, that sentence is just as weird to us as it is to you. It gets even stranger when you actually watch the video though, as it turns into a time-travelling adventure for Ms Perry and her faithful Pikachu.

The music video follows Katy and Pikachu as they travel back in time to alter her own past by influencing the decisions of her younger self. The concept is a little off the wall, but it plays in nicely to the inspirational  themes of this pop ballad as Katy and her Pikachu see who they were, and who they have evolved into. 

Other than Pikachu, and their younger form which appears as an adorable little Pichu, we don’t see any other Pokemon in the video, but the song is called Electric so we’d expect it to focus on the series’ mascot and most iconic lightning Pokemon.

The collaboration between Katy Perry and Pokemon was announced back in January as part of the franchise's 25th anniversary celebrations. It might seem like an odd pairing, but Katy Perry is apparently a huge fan of both Pokemon and japanese culture as a whole. Katy Perry isn’t the only big name taking part in the celebrations though. 

The Pokemon Company is actually releasing an entire album called Pokemon 25: The Album, which will feature 14 pokemon-inspired songs from the likes of Post Malone and J Balvin. We also saw Post Malone getting roasted by a Charizard while performing a live virtual concert as part of the Pokemon 25th anniversary celebration back in February.

We haven’t heard a huge amount on the games side of things when it comes to this celebration, but that isn’t hugely surprising. Pokemon Sword and Shield only came out a year ago, and we’ve already had the announcement of Pokemon Legends Arceus which is due later this year. Still, we’re hopeful for a few surprises.

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