Kate Beckinsale talks Underworld Awakening

Total Film recently sat down for a chat with Kate Beckinsale to talk all things Underworld Awakening .

It’s a return to the vamps vs werewolves franchise for Beckinsale, who skipped the last instalment (save for a tacked-on voiceover and some recycled footage).

So, how has it been slipping back into Selene’s catsuit for Awakening then? “Oh, it’s been great,” she insists. “I genuinely thought there wouldn’t be another one.

“I’m so obedient and gullible and they said it’s always going to be a trilogy, so when people would ask me if I’m doing another I would always say, ‘No, there’s not going to be another.’

“Plus, I was concerned about how a fourth one for me could be interesting, how it could be different – and the storyline they’ve come up with was really interesting to me.”

That’s not to say she wasn’t wary of returning, as she told us: “I still get really nervous about fucking it up, about being the person that ruins it.”

So, did she have the costume in the back of the wardrobe, ready for action?

“OK, I kept one of the suits,” she confesses. “I did wear it for Halloween once. I dressed it up a bit so no one knew that that’s what it was – I used it as the base for another costume.” She smiles, leans in. “Oh… and it comes in handy on my husband’s birthday. Ha!”

And despite the qualms you’d expect to arise from working with your other half, Beckinsale seems to have an effective relationship with spouse and Underworld godfather Len Wiseman: “We’ve got very similar taste on a lot of things, so the shorthand is really great.”

Underworld Awakening
opens on 20 January 2012.

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