Katamari shuns PS3 for Wii

Namco Bandai's bonkers Beautiful Katamari roll-'em-up is back in the news. A rumor has now popped up hinting that the series has shunned PS3 in favor of Wii. A rumor spreading around the internet via IGN suggests that "sources close to Namco Bandai" are reporting all work has ground to a halt on the PS3 version of Beautiful Katamari.

It gets better. Or worse -if you're Sony.

These sources say that all resources are being channeled into a version for Wii. Apparently those same sneaky sources have said that porting issues - along with PS3's poor performance at retail - are to blame. Back in June we reported that Microsoft looked to be eyeing a deal that would secure the next Katamari Damacy game, Beautiful Katamari, as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Please E3, put us out of our misery...

Above: Much like this picture, the PS3 maycome up short inthe balls department

July 2, 2007