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Kaos responds to reports of Homefront's short single player campaign

Kaos Studios is doing a little damage control in advance of Homefront's release after an earlyreview in PlayStation 3 magazinereported the game's single player campaign to be a relatively short, 5-hour affair. Although the review was largely positive in the end, Kaos has come toHomefront's defense regardless, arguing its runtime is comparable to other FPS titles in its class and – more importantly – the studio is more concerned about quality, not quantity.

"We wanted to create this occupied America and tell the story of this small resistance band and have the game campaign be long enough to tell that story and play through and experience that,” explained David Votypka, Homefront's creative director and general manager, in aninterview with Eurogamer. “The number of events and character development and things you play through and experience throughout that campaign is pretty diverse...There's a lot of bang for your buck in the time you play the campaign."

Votypka also noted the alleged 5-hour run time is a subjective figure, and Kaos' extensive play testing hasshown only expertswere ableto breeze through the game at that speed, whilemost testers requiredanywhere from eight to ten hours to reach the final credits.

Building on his argument, Votypka said Homefront's campaign length matches that of the Call of Duty or Medal of Honor games; titles like Homefront which offer a considerable amount of extra gametime in their multiplayer modes, adding, "Where there's a lot of game time in the multiplayer, the single-player doesn't tend to be 12, 15, 20 hours long. The Mass Effects, those types of games where it's all about the single-player, then they put all their time and content into that."

Homefront has already become THQ's most pre-ordered title, but with justfive days to go before its North American release on March 15th, it's understandable Kaos would want to clear up any misconceptions to secure those sales. Of course, that's assumingconsumers even care about a game's length to begin with. Do you?


Mar 10, 2011

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