Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review

Get Agent 47 on the phone - we've two chumps to be put out of their misery...

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Main characters have cool history

  • +

    Beautifully destructible environments

  • +

    Some spectacular set-pieces


  • -

    Main characters don't have personalities

  • -

    Stupid teammates

  • -

    Stupidly inaccurate weapons

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Nov 16, 2007

On paper, this game should be incredible. It’s got two uniquely grizzled anti-heroes, an impeccable developer (IO, of Hitman fame) and loads of Michael Mann-inspired set-pieces (more on that later). The main men are Kane, a death row inmate who allegedly double-crossed his shady employers, The7, and Lynch, a paranoid schizophrenic who needs to constantly pop medication to keep his anger in check. Kane’s been sprung from prison and forced to find The7’s stolen booty or they’ll kill him, and Lynch is on hand to make sure his new pal doesn’t do a runner. And so the pair goes on a crime-filled rampage - robbing banks, shooting it out with cops and generally being a menace to society. But as Kane & Lynch: Dead Men unravels you soon realise that their partnership is as compelling as Bert and Ernie.

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DescriptionA next-gen third-person action game from the makers of the Hitman series? Where do we get in line?
Platform"PS3","PC","Xbox 360"
US censor rating"Mature","Mature","Mature"
UK censor rating"","",""
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