Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Is it annoying to see ideas similar to yours in games like Army of Two and Assassin's Creed?
I've seen Army of Two but, without slating the competition or anything, I see an army of two people who are exactly the same. The reality of Kane & Lynch is they're characters, they're people, they have background. Which is something I think is really missing from games - and how that background ties into the story.

But Assassin's Creed and the crowd thing, I'd say we did the crowd thing first - if you've seen the Mardi Gras level in Hitman: Blood Money. I see AC's crowd and I see 30 people. I don't see 400 people. I'd like to think that we're ahead of the game in that fashion. I haven't seen anything quite as impressive as the nightclub scene in Kane & Lynch.

Can you give us any hints about what we can expect beyond the levels we've already seen?
What we can say is that the Tokyo skyscraper level that you've seen - when you're rappelling down the side of it and you can see the streets below and the cars and everything - that level continues down, and then you've got a shootout in the streets.

Do you think gamers will enjoy playing as two nasty guys like Kane and Lynch?
I think so, yes. I think people bond with the work that's been done on the characters. Like Kane for example, he's a little older, he's not a chiselled-looking model-type, he's got a scar down his face, he's starting to go a bit bald, a bit grey. He's no oil painting but he's still cool. He doesn't have to be the next Men's Health magazine cover model or anything like that.

And it's funny because I always thought people were going to bond more to Kane than they would Lynch, but Lynch is proving really popular. People seem to love the fact that he's just a lunatic, you know, which I think people can relate to. It's testament to the work done by the studio on the characters.