Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

What's the biggest team you'll be able to field in the game?
The limit will be down to how simple the controls can stay. I imagine at the end of the game you'll have more than eight people with you. Maybe you won't have direct control over all eight people - we may divvy people up so maybe Lynch will have two guys that report to him - because maybe you don't want to issue orders to eight individual people.

Maybe also in co-op mode - where player two will control Lynch - we'll split it up, so you'll have four men each or something. Or you can take people away from the friend you're playing with and say "you play sniper and I'll flush the enemy out with the team". The idea is to keep some flexibility so that people can solve problems in their own way.

Above: K&L's simple squad command system is slick and brilliantly effective

Can you talk about your multiplayer plans for K&L?
I can't describe what the multiplayer mode is currently because it's something that we're really proud of and don't want to go public with it just yet.

What I will say is that it's a game mode that hasn't been done before, probably combining the best elements of a lot of multiplayer scenarios. Some people like a typical deathmatch, they might just like proving their skills and might not want to play cooperative or team-based games, such as traditional modes like capture the flag.

But I'd like to think that the scenario that we're going to offer will support people with various play styles and their different motivations in multiplayer. Hopefully sometime soon we'll be able go a bit more public. It's looking very good - I've played a lot of multiplayer games in my time, but everyone's pretty excited about this one.