Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

What about a Freedom Fighters sequel?
First, I should say that a lot of the guys who made Freedom Fighters are directly involved in this game. Freedom Fighters was ahead of its time, it was a very cool game, it performed well at review but it didn't sell enough. There could have been some things that were lost in the execution, for instance. It was a teen-rated game, so there was no blood in it, things like this.

If you have a collection of enough of those things they take the teeth off of a game. So if we looked at doing a Freedom Fighters 2, and it would be a big 'if', it would probably be in a more adult theme. But to make another Freedom Fighters and another Kane & Lynch - we'd probably go with one and not the other.

Above: Kane & Lynch's squad gameplay owes much to Freedom Fighter's skilful controls

We could make another one - but are there enough good ideas to make one, rather than just cranking it out again. I'm sure it would make money but it's a balance, like what do we want a star team of developers to work on - another one of those, or something completely different?

IO is obviously passionate about its new project, so does this mean the end of Hitman?
Of course not, no. We're a big studio now, so we've got more than enough capacity for making two games at once. Blood Money has come out, it seems to have been well received, and we'll look into seeing what the future holds for Hitman. If there're enough good ideas and there's enough desire and passion to go with the game then I'm sure we'll look into it.