Kamala Khan returns in new Ms. Marvel comic book series just in time for her Disney Plus debut

Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit
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Ms. Marvel is returning to the pages of her own solo series again. 

No doubt in anticipation of the debut of her live-action Disney Plus' streaming series later in 2021, author Samira Ahmed (Love, Hate, & Other Filters) and Runaways artist Andrés Genolet are the creative team for Pakistani American Kamala Khan's latest series Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit, debuting this September.

According to Marvel, Ahmed is known for her "groundbreaking work" in Young Adult fiction and will dive deeper into "Kamala's powers and the strength behind what makes her a hero. Kamala has been an Avenger, a Champion, and even the Chosen One…what comes next?"

"For kids of color, Muslim kids, there was literally zero representation when I was growing up," Ahmed tells Entertainment Weekly who broke the news. "So when Sana [Amanat, Marvel's VP of content & character development] and [G. Willow Wilson, the character's co-creator and first writer] announced Ms. Marvel, I was just so stunned. My heart soars for all the kids who will have Ms. Marvel comics as part of their childhood."

"I always tell people that in all my fiction there's this through-line of the 'revolutionary girl.' What girl is more revolutionary than Kamala Khan?"

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In its description of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit, Marvel reveals that after an explosion of "interdimensional proportions" at her cousin's lab in Chicago, Kamala Khan powers are the fritz, and her world is turned upside down ... and onto a Bollywood set.

The series explores Ms. Marvel trying to figure out what exactly is going on with her powers.

"Fans that have been there from day one will love to see how we're playing around with her powers, exploring them, and maybe pushing them," Ahmed teases. "I don't want to give any spoilers, but there are gonna be some questions that arise about the source of her powers and what that means."

The author also promises the series will including "pretty striking South Asian cultural elements" right off the bat, along with some fan-favorite familiar faces to fans of Ms. Marvel along with some new faces.

This will be the fourth series for Kamala Khan since her debut in 2013, who has become something of a face for the new, more inclusive Marvel Comics. 

The frequent relaunches of her series (her previous series Magnificant Ms. Marvel canceled early this year) also in a way represent Marvel's modern way of publishing, with less emphasis on long-running 'ongoing series.' 

Khan will be played by actor Iman Vellani in the Disney Plus streaming series later in 2021, and then join Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau in November 2022's big-screen feature The Marvels.

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