Justice League test screenings sees one superhero lead the way in the popularity stakes – and it’s not Batman

Justice League isn’t short of talent in the superhero stakes. Wonder Woman has already made a huge impression, as has Batman, and the totally dead Superman (RIP Supes). However, according to test screenings another superhero has taken the torch and ran (and ran) with it. Want a hint? He’s faster than a speeding bullet.

That’s right, the Scarlet Speeder is apparently the hot button topic on the lips of everyone who’s been lucky enough to see an early cut of Justice League. This was even confirmed by DC Films/all-round comic supremo Geoff Johns at an industry event hosted at Regal Cinemas (h/t ComicBook.com).

One of those in attendance was Chris Sylvia, who took to Twitter to reveal that Ezra Miller’s The Flash is the “collective favourite” coming out of early Justice League reactions. That’s right, not The Dark Knight, not Wonder Woman, not even Aquaman, but the slightly naïve, enthusiastic kid fresh from a cameo in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

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Of course, we’ll never get a Flash vs. Superman race because The Man of Steel is definitely, definitely dead so it remains to be seen how Flash takes to the team dynamic in Justice League. I’ll bet good money on Barry Allen annoying the hell out of Bruce Wayne and/or everyone he comes into contact with.

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Image: DC/Warner Bros.

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