Justice League and Suicide Squad fight vampires and become the undead in October DC comics

Task Force Z
(Image credit: DC)

The undead are attacking DC's comic book line on two fronts this October, with the new series Task Force Z and DC vs. Vampires.

Former Marvel-exclusive writer Matthew Rosenberg is taking point on both series (with a little help from James Tynion IV), just in time for Halloween.

Task Force Z

Task Force Z covers (Image credit: DC)

After being teased for backup stories beginning in August's Detective Comics #1041, Task Force Z will be branching out after those backups for an ongoing series of its own. In this special, someone is taking deceased criminals from Infinite Frontier #0's recent 'A-Day' event and resurrecting them for an even more bizarre version of Suicide Squad's Task Force X.

Task Force Z

Task Force Z #1 (Image credit: DC)

"On A-Day, hundreds of Gotham City's most dangerous and deranged criminals were left dead after an attack on Arkham Asylum and now, they're getting a second chance at life," reads DC's description of Task Force Z #1. "A mysterious benefactor is bringing together a new Task Force and has recruited the only person who could lead them, someone who knows what it's like to come back from a brutal death: Red Hood."

Jason Todd famously died at the hands of the Joker in the '80s, but was resurrected in the early '00s and remade as the Red Hood.

"Now Jason Todd has to unravel the mystery surrounding this team of the recently deceased while leading a line-up of some of Gotham City's worst criminals who've ever lived: Bane. Man-Bat. The Arkham Knight. Sundowner. Mr. Bloom."

Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira are drawing Task Force Z #1 (and its primary cover), with variant covers planned by Tyler Kirkham, Dan Mora, Rodolfo Migliari, and Kyle Hotz.

DC vs. Vampires (Image credit: DC)

DC vs. Vampires

And from an ongoing to a twelve-issue series, DC vs. Vampires will see Rosenberg team up with Batman writer James Tynion IV and artist Otto Schmidt as a secret army of vampires attempt to overrun Earth under the Justice League's watch.

Schmidt will draw the primary cover to DC vs. Vampires #1, with variants planned by Francesco Mattina, Jorge Molina, and Ejikure.

Both Task Force Z #1 and DC vs. Vampires #1 will go on sale on October 26.

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