Journey and Abzu artist reveals Sword of the Sea, and it's just as pretty as you're imagining

Sword of the Sea
(Image credit: Giant Squid Studios)

The studio behind Abzu and The Pathless has announced its brand new game Sword of the Sea.

As revealed during the PlayStation Showcase on May 24, Giant Squid Studios is working on another beautiful game. Not only has the studio had experience working on some of the prettiest games around, but it's also got the artist that worked on Journey lending a hand in its development. 

We didn't quite get a release date for this one, but we know it's coming to PS5 sometime in the near future. You can see just how stunning this game is for yourself below. 

According to the PlayStation Blog, Sword of the Sea is the studio's "most ambitious game to date" and features a brand-new movement mechanic called Hoversword. Players can use the Hoversword slide down hills to build momentum - as if they were riding a skateboard or snowboard. 

"The Hoversword embodies the feel of snowboarding and skating games," Matt Nava, creative director of Giant Squid explains, "but in an entirely new context of adventure." Sword of the Sea will have players exploring skatepark-like ruins which sounds just like Tony Hawk Pro Skater but in a much more chilled-out world.

"Combining the speed and flow of skating games with the emotional core and exploration you expect from a Giant Squid title," Nava continues, "Sword of the Sea will be equal parts meditative, exhilarating, and introspective." And we can't wait to play it. 

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