Jude Law in talks to play Captain Hook in Peter Pan live-action remake

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

We all know the story – a boy who never gets old roams the fantastical land of Neverland, becomes the leader of the Lost Boys, and faces off against a one-handed pirate who's haunted by a ticking clock inside a crocodile. We are, of course, talking about the classic story of Peter Pan.

Author J. M. Barrie's work is set to be adapted once again for the big screen. Disney will produce Peter Pan & Wendy, a remake of their classic animated movie Peter Pan. And, thanks to Variety (opens in new tab), we have our first word on casting: Jude Law as Captain Hook.

The actor – who recently appeared as a young Dumbledor in the Fantastic Beasts series – has entered discussions to play the iconic villain, following in the footsteps of Garrett Hedlund (2015's Pan), Dustin Hoffman (Spielberg's Hook), and Jason Isaacs (2003's Peter Pan).

Pete's Dragon director David Lowery will helm the upcoming remake. Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson will play Peter Pan and Wendy, respectively. Anderson will also portray a young Black Widow in the upcoming solo-superhero movie, while her only previous role is portraying a young Milla Jovovich (her mother) in Resident Evil: Final Chapter. 

There were previously rumours that Peter Pan & Wendy would be released straight to Disney Plus, similar to Lady & The Tramp. However, these have since been rubbished, and the movie will head to cinemas. 

Disney's recent wave of live-action movies have, after all, made a lot at the box office, with both Aladdin and Lion King surpassing $1 billion. Want to know which live-action remakes to check out? Here's our ranking of every Disney live-action remake.

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