Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in for Bioshock?

28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in talks to take over directing Bioshock for Universal.

Gore Verbinski had been spearheading development of the video game adaptation, but has stepped aside because it's now going to shoot abroad to save cash and he's too busy with Johnny Depp 'toon Rango to be traveling.

And budget has been an issue for the film - it was headed into pre-production when the cost spiraled to around the $160 million mark and the studio shut it down to figure out how to make it cheaper.

With Fresnadillo likely to take over, it'll mean the pic can comfortably shift overseas and still send us all to the underwater city of Rapture...

[Source: Variety ]

Is the man who made 28 Weeks Later a solid choice for this? Speak!

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